Can Record (Service Availability)

Check Service Availability

Check if Screen Recorder Kit features can be used. As the functionality needs required support from the hardware, it's always good to check this before calling any of the other plugin methods.

// Create a gif or video recorder instance
IScreenRecorder recorder = ScreenRecorderBuilder.CreateGifRecorder().Build;
bool canRecord = recorder.CanRecord();

Gif recording is supported on all platforms.

Video Recording is supported only on mobile platforms Android (API 21 and above), iOS(9 and above - iPhone 5S or later, iPad mini 2 or later, iPod Touch 6th generation, iPad Air or later.)


public bool CanRecord()
	IScreenRecorder recorder = ScreenRecorderBuilder.CreateGifRecorder().Build();
	//IScreenRecorder recorder = ScreenRecorderBuilder.CreateVideoRecorder(new VideoRecorderRuntimeSettings()).Build();

	bool canRecord  =  ReplayKitManager.IsRecordingAPIAvailable();

	string message  = canRecord ? "Screen Recorder Kit recording API is available!" : "Screen Recorder Kit recording API is not available.";

	return canRecord;

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