Android 10 (Q) (Deprecated - No longer needed from 1.5)

Add support for Android 10/Q

You no longer need to enable this as from 1.5 version API 29 is the default target SDK expected.

Enable the support in Replay Kit Settings (Mandatory)

  1. Open Replay Kit settings from Top menu bar Windows -> Voxel Busters -> Cross Platform Replay Kit -> Settings

  2. Enable Android Q support under Android section

  3. Click on Save button

Build with API 29 SDK for targeting Android 10/Q devices (Optional)

  1. Incase if your Unity doesn't have API 29 SDK, set Target API in Player Settings (under Android) to API 29

  2. Try making a build for Android SDK update prompt from Unity

  3. After finishing the update, you can reset it back to Automatic option for target API

Additional Patch (Optional)

On some specific Android manufacturer devices, you may need to import this patch package until it's available on Asset store. It's safe to import this even you don't see a crash issue on Android 10.